About Medifast

Our promise to you.

Medifast’s mission is helping you become yourself through proven, healthy weight loss.

Here’s what’s different: Medifast gets weight loss. Our products and programs reflect the current science of weight control, like how your brain and body work together to drive your appetite and your sense of fullness, how nutrients affect your body at the cellular level, and the role that your thoughts, feelings, and environment play in your behavior.

Getting to a healthy weight means more than just fitting into your favorite jeans (although that’s a definite benefit!) Weight loss may lower your risk for diabetes and high cholesterol. It can reduce your chance of suffering a stroke or a heart attack. Being at a healthy weight is easier on your bones and muscles, and can improve your energy level.

You may already know these things, but you may not know how to get there.

This is where we help you the most. In the short term, using Medifast breaks the vicious circle of overeating. You get simple solutions for choosing what to eat—and when—in the context of your real life and busy schedule. We realize that people carry extra weight for myriad reasons—and that every human being who reaches out to us deserves our support, respect, and best thinking.

Over time, Medifast provides what’s proven by medical science to work for weight loss: a structured plan that provides several small meals a day and the balance of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals your body needs.

Medifast is portion controlled to provide just the right amount of calories for safe, fast weight loss. Medifast helps reduce hunger and cravings so it’s easier to stick with the program, and reach and maintain your goal weight.

We also understand you, which is why we don’t make promises we can’t keep. We don't ask you to spend hours in your kitchen fixing food, or try to motivate you with celebrities in our ads. It’s why we make our food so great-tasting, and formulated to keep you feeling full and satisfied.

We get what you’re up against, and that you need a safe haven from the obesity-promoting world we live in. For as long as it takes for you to reach a healthy weight, we make most of your food choices for you while you learn how to eat in a healthier way—and your body learns to be satisfied with fewer, healthier calories.

Medifast comes from the medical weight-management world, not the consumer diet world. What drives our business is more than just the bottom line: Our people share a genuine, heartfelt desire to help you live a longer, healthier life—as the person you were meant to be.